This set can be used in conjunction with any of the other space sets from playpress--collect them all and have your customers coming back for more. Blast off with the Space Ranger, made from 41 pieces. The set is fully compatible with the Space Station and the Space Character Set. The hatch door is fully functioning, enabling access to the cabin. The Ranger includes a fully decked out interior and can dock with the Space Station.

The ranger has just been rereleased !! the packaging now turns into a launch pad---more photos and images to follow. the product is also FSC.


Imaginative Interactive Play: Construct a spaceship and ranger, move the ranger around the ship and interact the moving door. This is fully compatible with the astronaut and robots set and docks into our space station.


Kids Love To Be Creative: All our durable PlayPress pieces can connect to one another, so imagination has no limits!


Perfect Gifts For Children: Great as presents or gifts, It's flatpack packaging makes it easy to take on holiday and it turns into a box, so there's no waste.


Develops Kids Creativity... construction, problem solving and motor skills. Perfect for Imaginative girls and boys, age 4-10


Eco Conscious - Manufactured in the UK from Playboard made from wood from Sustainable forests. Plastic-free, un-harmful to the Environment or Oceans.

Pack size -  15cm x 15cm x 1.4cm

Spaceship and Space Ranger Eco Friendly Pop-out Playset