A beautifully illustrated picture book introducing young children to the concept of forces. Bird is building her nest. She pushes and pulls twigs into place until she's made a cosy cup, ready and waiting ... can you guess what for? This beautiful picture book is the perfect introduction to forces and the concept of pushing and pulling, and is the third in the Science Story Book series from Walker Books. Bird Builds a Nest is illustrated by up-and-coming talent Richard Jones and written by author Martin Jenkins, the award-winning author of Can We Save the Tiger? and Ape. The third book in Walker's Science Story Book series, introducing scientific concepts to young children. The main narrative tells the story of a bird building her nest. The smaller captions point out and explain the scientific concepts behind the story - forces, pushing, pulling, weight, strength and gravity. Complete with an index and an experiment to get children thinking about the science behind the story

Bird Builds a Nest