If you're looking for a relaxing, creative outlet, this book will provide you with a wealth of ideas. Artist and teacher Christine Watson brings together 15 varied projects that aim to inspire you, to engage your creativity and to have a positive, calming effect. Each project is broken down into easy-to-manage steps, so that they are suitable for complete beginners as well as those who have practised art before. You will learn how to experiment with different materials and techniques including watercolour, collage, coloured pencils and drawing inks.

Making art is a wonderful way to express yourself through colour and form, and it can improve your focus and confidence in all areas of life.

Projects Include:
- Colourful painting with dots
- A landscape collage
- Drawing and colouring biscuits
- A surprising upside-down portrait

Art Therapy: Inspirational and Practical Ways to De-Stress